Embracing the Magic of Heritage: A Journey to Recolonize the Wedding Industry

honour your connection...

In the delicate tapestry of love and celebration, let us embark on a soul-stirring journey to recolonize the wedding industry. A journey that calls upon every heart to honour their heritage and embrace the profound beauty of our diverse cultural backgrounds on their sacred day.

As a storyteller of love, I am deeply inspired by the breathtaking wonders of nature and the intrinsic connection we share with the Earth. But I am also drawn to the richness of our Indigenous cultures and the profound wisdom they carry. In our traditions and spiritual insight, I find endless inspiration that moves me to my core. With each step I take, diving deeper into my own cultural roots, I am met with revelations on how to create a space of authenticity and meaning for my couples. The stories of our ancestors whisper in my soul, urging me to hold space for these precious unions in a way that resonates with their unique heritage.

For every couple, I offer a nurturing embrace, a safe haven to explore the magic of their cultural heritage. As we gather the fragments of forgotten traditions, let us mend the fabric of our ancestral wisdom and weave it seamlessly into this new chapter of love. Imagine, for a moment, the joy of honouring the rituals that our forebears held dear. We will dance to the rhythm of our ancestors’ drums, feel the whisper of ancient spirits, and taste the sweetness of traditional feasts. We will embrace the symbols and ceremonies that embody the essence of our lineage, infusing the air with the enchanting energy of centuries past.

In reclaiming our heritage, we reclaim a piece of ourselves, a fragment of our collective soul. Each step taken on this path is a profound act of resilience and a testament to the resilience of our ancestors. It is an opportunity to honour their struggles and triumphs, to celebrate the beauty of our diverse lived experiences, and to pave the way for future generations to cherish their roots.

As we breathe life into these timeless customs, our weddings will become more than just a day of celebration; they will be a reflection of who we are, where we come from, and the dreams we aspire to. Let us recolonize the wedding industry with love, empathy, and inspiration. Together, we will build a world where every soul feels empowered to honour their roots, celebrate their unique culture, and walk hand in hand with their ancestors as they step into a future of boundless love and unity.


Photography & Concept: Nikita Pere
Model: Moale James
Styling: Sunshine Weddings
Florals: Bloom & Bush
Gown: White Lily Couture
HMUA: Carly Stone