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Spicers Hidden Vale Intimate Wedding

Before their wedding day, I met up with Lucy and Neil for a casual dinner. In our household, we were always told that it’s considered rude to show up to a dinner invite empty handed. So on my way I popped in to the bottleo to pick up a nice bottle of wine to gift to my couple. As I was heading up to the counter with MY favourite bottle of red (lollll), I noticed a bottle of Young Henry’s Noble Cut gin. I’m not a gin drinker myself, so it’s not something I’d usually buy someone else (knowing how “particular” gin drinkers can be!), but there was something inside me telling me that I should buy it instead of the wine. I’m huge on listening to your intuition even if it doesn’t make sense - so I did. When I got to dinner and presented Neil and Lucy with the bottle of gin, I noticed that Lucys eyes widened as she showed Neil. And she told me how they used to live in Newtown (home of Young Henry’s) and they’d frequent the brewery and hang with the Young Henry’s team often - so it actually turned out to be quite a meaningful gift for them.

Moral of the story: always listen to your gut. Your intuition. That little voice inside. Even if it doesn’t make sense, because to someone else it might 

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