Magical Cradle Mountain Elopement

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Nestled among ancient forests, Cradle Mountain (wulinantikala) is a breathtaking landscape full of magic and awe, and the perfect location for a dreamy destination elopement. Embarking on this enchanting journey with Sylvia and Jim was like stepping through a portal and into a realm where time stood completely still, and a magical thread woven by fate was drawing us together in this unforgettable experience.

My favourite part about Elopements, and trusting that everything will unfold exactly as it should, is when my couples lean in to that trust and allow them to be intuitively guided to their ceremony location. S&J were no different. It meant meandering through the forest, trusting in the journey until the perfect ceremony spot revealed itself—a clearing that resonated with the collective intuition of our group. The forest spoke to us, and in unison, we felt the spot resonate with significance.

Guided by Aunty Kris, we embraced the sacredness of the land, removing our shoes to connect with the Earth beneath our feet.  A cleansing ceremony ensued, our energies purified, and our connection deepened. An unexpected companion, a Currawong, appeared out of nowhere and perched right above us, casting its watchful gaze. A moment of shared acknowledgment, an unspoken understanding of its significance, before it gracefully retreated into the depths of the forest. Currawong continued to show up throughout our day, a constant presence as we ventured around the National Park. Each turn unveiled another, as if guiding our journey through this ancient place.

In the sacred space of their private ceremony, S&J interwove personalised rituals and blessings, and time itself ceased to exist. The trees grew larger, the energy of our connection deepening. We closed our ceremony with a ceremonial tea in our beautifully crafted wabi mug gifted to us by S&J who are incredibly talented ceramicists – a tangible expression of their artistry and love. Upon exiting our enchanted portal, we were greeted by a wombat, a symbolic culmination of a day saturated with magic.

There are no words to encapsulate the profound encounters experienced on this day, with this very special Cradle Mountain Elopement forever holding a cherished place within me.

LOCATION 📍 wulinantikala / Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
PLANNING + CEREMONY:Wilderness Weddings

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