kim & johneey

Great Ocean Road Styled Elopement

I recently did a trip down to Melbourne to shoot a couple of weddings, and while I was down there I thought it would be a good opportunity to grab my girlfriend Kim and her reluctant-to-participate boyfriend, Johneey (THANKS SO MUCH JOHNEEY, YA TROOPER!), and head out to the Great Ocean Road (where I have wanted to see/shoot for a very long time!) to shoot a cheeky styled elopement.

I'm so drawn to the wild, raw, beauty of this part of the Australian coastline. The rain and winds were pretty hectic. We had originally planned for a Sunrise shoot, but we awoke to what seemed like cyclonic conditions. It was POURING rain, and blowing a damn gale! So we stayed bunkered in at our Airbnb and waited for some clear skies. The clear skies lasted all of a few minutes each time, so we just drove down to Loch Ard Gorge, and as soon as the rain cleared up, we sprinted to our shoot location. As soon as we got there, another storm settled in, so before I could even fire the shutter button, we had to piss bolt (piss bolt: aussie slang for 'exit quickly') back to the car. This actually happened the entire day of shooting, so we literally had about 10 minutes out of the entire day to capture these shots! What a ride!

Massive shoutout to Kim from Anatomy of Flowers, who also did the florals, and the incredibly talented Cassandra from Cassandra Renee Couture for loaning her STUNNING Logies and Aries gowns.

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