Celebrating 30yrs of marriage

When Kaylene and Gav were getting married, they had spoken about just eloping or having a small backyard ceremony at their house. They didn't want the big fuss and performance of a huge wedding, but it was tradition in both of their cultures (Aboriginal & South Sea Islander) to have a huge family gathering with ALL of the extended relatives, and so they gave in to family pressure and had the big white traditional wedding.

Fast forward to their 30 Yr Anniversary, and Kaylene just thought I was there to capture some family snaps. Little did she know that Gavin and their two children - Jem and Zeek -  had actually arranged for a surprise Vow Renewal!! Jemma led Kaylene down to the backyard where her husband Gavin had snuck in their Pastor and her son, Zeek, was singing the song that Gavin sang to her on their wedding day all those years ago. Kaylene finally got the wedding that she wanted all those years ago, a private backyard ceremony celebrating their love 💫

The back of my camera was SOAKED from the honour of capturing this touching love story. And it just goes to show that it is never to late, to have the wedding day of your dreams!

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