joyce & eddie

girraween elopement

The absolute best thing about eloping to The Scenic Rim in Spring? 🌸🌻🧺 Slow mornings with your love, picking Wildflowers, and picnic’ing with delicious fresh local produce 🍎🧀🍸

What could I possibly say to convey the love that these two amazing human beings have 🥺 Eddie & Joyce wanted to capture the way their love permeates all the 'ordinary' elements of their day to day, so their day started as any other day for them, making coffee with each other and chilling on the deck with the goodest-boy, Oscar, before getting ready together.

The Moon and her cycles, plays an important role in Joyce & Eddies' lives, and they were adamant that she (the moon) was going to shine her blessings upon their ceremony. The weather didn't look great for the day we had planned (overcast and rainy) so we waited it out until the next day to hike up to The Pyramids for their ceremony. And my, was it worth the wait!! With the Sun setting to the West, and the Full Moon rising to the East - there was a certain elemental magic in the air, that I can't quite explain with words.

With the setting of the sun, Joyce and Eddie began saging their ceremony space and each other to move any stuck or static energy no longer serving the highest good of their relationship — and to also clear the energy of the space and their minds in order to make room for the commitment they were about to make to each other. A clean slate. Going in to their marriage with clear, intentional energy and also the blessings of the full moon. What an absolutely magical way to honour their relationship 🤍✨

⚠️ Always check local fire bans and restrictions at your location! NEVER have open flames of any kind during bushfire season, or if there is wind.

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