lily & iris
heron island elopement

elope in paradise on heron island  🏝️

For their Wedding Day, they decided to start slow with a sleep-in while enjoying the sound of the ocean lapping at their back door. Annie (their Celebrant) and I dropped by to set up a breakfast by the ocean (catered by the incredible team on the island), as they spend the morning exchanging love letters. Afterwards we suited up, and jumped in the water to explore the island from beneath the surface. Once they were showered and ready to proceed, we began hair and makeup after a cheeky champagne toast and as the sun was low and the nerves were high, we wandered up the beach to find the perfect spot for their Ceremony. We didn't have a ceremony space picked out prior, Lily & Iris just decided to walk until it felt right. With the Island Manager (who was able to ensure we weren't standing on sensitive environments in the sand dunes due to it being turtle laying season) and myself as witness - our Celebrant Annie gently grounded our couple in to space, and we paid our respects to the Traditional Custodians of the land that we gathered on. It was private, serene, intimate, and everything that they dreamed of for their ceremony.

One of my favourite memories from the day, was when Lily & Iris took turns at choosing Divination Cards. Iris originally purchased the cards for a holiday that they went on to celebrate their engagement. The very first time Iris pulled a card from the deck, she pulled the "Ingwaz" card featuring two women embracing, and representing solid foundations, potential, growth and new beginnings. On their wedding day, Iris pulled that very same card - and after a quick shuffle of the deck, it was Lilys turn to pull a card, and I still remember the squeal of excitement as she pulled the exact same card. The amount of signs and synchronicities that these two received as confirmation from the ✨Universe✨ over the week would turn even the most skeptic in to believing in the divine weave that binds us — the golden thread that connects us — and the magic that happens when you surrender to it. I'm honoured to have had the opportunity to spend a few days with these wonderful humans and bare witness to their incredible connection 🥹🫶🏽

CELEBRANT// Annie from Celebrant Lady Love
LOCATION// Heron Island Eco Resort

I worked closely with Lily & Iris, to help bring their dream island vision to life. To give you an idea on what their customised all-inclusive Heron Island elopement package included:

- Elopement Planning Assistance
- Multi-Day Photography Coverage
- Underwater Session
- Celebrant
- Soft Styling for Tablescape
- Bridal Hair & Makeup
- Hair & Makeup 
- Highlight Video


Embark with us to an intimate elopement on the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef: Heron Island, QLD. Where Lily & Iris, hand in hand, pledged their forever amidst this dreamy, untouched paradise. 

Together, in this haven, we bid farewell to tradition and embraced a celebration centred on their unique connection and love for the Ocean and all who inhabit it. I have no words that could truly encapsulate the pure magic that we witnessed in this unique location. The marine encounters that we had; from swimming with black tip reef sharks, thriving and abundant coral life, fish that come in all the colours of the rainbow, as well as encounters with giant, ancient sea turtles as they curiously made their way up to us in the water - it is an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my days.

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