Dani & Justin – Noosa Hinterland Vow Renewal

honour your connection...

The beautiful thing
about young love
is the truth in our hearts
that it will last forever


On their 10th Wedding Anniversary, Dani and Justin decided to escape to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland to renew their vows in Noosa Elopement style ceremony – to promise themselves to each other just as they did a whole decade ago.

As I spent time with these two, it was apparent to me, that this was that real kind of love. I mean I know we have all experienced real love, but every now and then you come across a couple that just have such a deep, twin flame connection – that it stops you in your tracks. These two have been together since they were very young. They’ve grown together, they’ve discovered together, they’ve built together, but more importantly they’ve continued to choose each other, day in-day out, together. A passer-by could be forgiven for mistaking these two for being Newlyweds all over again. The way they look at each other from across the room. The way they nuzzle in to each other to share an inside joke as they giggle away like little school kids. But what stood out to me, was the way they still make out with each other like they were still in the dating stage of their relationship. As the decades stretch out, Dani & Justin still share as much passion and love for each other in their marriage today, as they did when they first started dating – and honestly, it was such an honour to witness. A true testament to standing by each others side, through thick and thin, and forever choosing one another. An example of that deep, honest, forever kind of love. The kind of love that gives us all hope that we too, can continue to have that deep connection in our relationships when you truly choose your person, every single day, even through the hardships.

Thank you Dani & Justin, for having me along for the ride 🙏đŸŊ


PHOTOGRAPHY // Nikita Pere
MAIN SHOOTER // Mill & The Sea
CELEBRANT // Married by Zac
MAKEUP // Pro Makeup Studio
DRESS // Bianca Spender
SHOES // Tony Bianco