Welcome to my little slice of the internet, lovers! I’m so glad you’re here and can’t wait to celebrate this newfound adventure with you both. Welcome to my little slice of the internet, lovers! I’m so glad you’re here and can’t wait to celebrate this newfound adventure with you both. Welcome to my little slice of the internet, lovers! I’m so glad you’re here and can’t wait to celebrate this newfound adventure with you both.Welcome to my little slice of the internet, lovers! I’m so glad you’re here and can’t wait to celebrate this newfound adventure with you both. Welcome to my little slice of the internet, lovers! I’m so glad you’re here and can’t wait to celebrate this newfound adventure with you both. Welcome to my little 


about me

A Soulful Storyteller

Welcome to my little slice of the internet, lovers! I’m so glad you’re here and can’t wait to celebrate this newfound adventure with you both. 

A little bit about my story

I never imagined that my struggles with identity, and longing to find where I truly fit in in the world, would one day become my superpower as an Artist, and as a Storyteller. 

As a Māori, growing up in Australia, I often felt the pressure to “choose a side”. Too “Maori” for my Australian friends and family, and too “Aussie” for our Māori whānau. Each remark made in jest about being a “half caste” further chipping away at my identity. It wasn’t until I was much older, that I have learned the value in my identity. Being proud of ALL of the valuable pieces that makes me, me. I truly feel that it’s our varied lived experiences, and being able to see the world differently from our unique lens and point of view that makes this human experience so expansive, and so beautiful.

I know how it feels to have to choose which parts of yourself are socially “acceptable” to present to the ever-changing world around us, and I’m here to tell you that: You are enough. You are worthy. And with me, you are free to honour every part of your wholeness. Because I see you.

Be proud in who you are. Be proud in where you come from.
Be proud in the thousands of ancestors that came before you, in order for you to exist as you are today. Perfectly imperfect, as the rest of us just trying to find our way through this perfectly imperfect existence. 

My role is to capture your story unfolding. Capturing YOUR connection, and the connections you hold closest to your heart. Intuitive, empathic, soulful. I let my intuition guide my heart and my hands, synchronistic in nature to bring forth images that you can feel. Images that transport you back to a moment in time when scrolling through your final gallery.

A little bit about my story


I'm an Australian Maori Photographer with a passion for immersive cultural experiences and storytelling that honours the depth and beauty of our diverse lived experiences.


If you're looking for someone to preserve your memories with great care, then I’d love to connect and share space with you. 


my journey

to cultural reclamation: a video documentary

The journey to reveal your ancestral markings is long, and hearty. Unpacking ideas of worthiness, and de-conditioning your ego from the colonised standard of beauty. Going back and forth over your lived experiences thinking of all the whānau who told you that you were too white to be Māori, and too Māori to be white. A Mozzie. A plastic Māori. Being born and raised away from your ancestors whenua. Not being fluent enough in te reo — your fathers native tongue that he was punished and beaten for speaking. Never having the opportunity to meet my Nanny, or my Koro. Never getting to experience our papakāinga, our home.

But I remind myself that is exactly how this human experience was supposed to be laid out for me. A divine plan from the ancestors. This haerenga, and this taonga that I carry, is bigger than me. Reviving indigenous culture, and reclaiming our ceremonies and spiritual practises that were once outlawed by the crown. Restoring our mana. It, too, is part of a bigger plan. And I’m honoured to play a role. To take this step.

This is for my dad.
This is for my daughter.
This is for my tūpuna.
This is me.

Kei roto i ō tātou toto 💫 it’s in our blood.

my why

We are all seekers of connection. But that deep, honest, connection – you know? Not the superficial kind. Connection with your lover; connection with your family; and connection with a land or place. When you nuzzle into that familiar space in your partners chest, and the rest of the world just falls away. When you look around the table at those beautiful souls you share your life with, and your heart feels so full. Or when you walk out on Country and feel the earth between your toes, and you know that you’re home. These are the connections that define us, and these are the connections that I feel so honoured to capture. 

Holding space for you to get lost in the moment, I want to connect with you both on a soul level. Right by your side, pouring my heart and soul into capturing your day - it’d be my joy to present you with meaningful art that beautifully encapsulates your romance and elopement adventure.



...it was 1000000% worth it and we’d do it all over again! It’s incredibly fulfilling and empowering when you stick to your guns and create an authentic experience that makes you feel good in your soul bones! 

When my husband and I started talking about getting married, we knew we wanted something more than the traditional experience. We wanted something intimate, something intentional, and something that would be meaningful for both of us. So, we eloped. We spent a week on the East Coast of Tasmania with our parents and my brothers, sipping local Tassie red and just enjoying each other’s company. It was surreal and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. 

Allowing you to be fully present on the day you commit your lives to one another, away from distractions, you can let truly down your guard and embrace the love and warmth surrounding you. You know your connection is something else and the sacred words you’ll exchange will be forever emblazoned in your memory. It sets the most beautiful, uplifting tone for the rest of your journey together. 

This is why I do what I do and I’m already so hyped to help you plan your own elopement! Making sure it is a true reflection of who you are as a couple, holding space for your honest love.



Being Māori and growing up in Australia, I know what it’s like if you feel somewhat disconnected from your identity. Longing to honour all parts of yourself, but never truly knowing or feeling where you fit in. “Not enough” to fit in with your maternal ancestry, and “too much of the opposite” to feel at home in your paternal ancestry. Perhaps you don’t know your language, your songs, your customs, further chipping away at those feelings of inadequacy. 

During my ever-growing journey of discovering who I truly am and what my connection to self looks like for ME as an individual - I’ve come to understand just how prevalent this feeling of “not good enough” is for many people from all different backgrounds, identities and walks of life. 

So, I’m here to remind you that you ARE enough. You are worthy of celebrating YOU, in all ofy

Allow that fire inside to reawaken. If there’s any way I can support you on this journey, please reach out to me.


Koha in tikanga Māori is a concept of reciprocity. In 2022, when I rebranded, I introduced this concept in to my business and in to my brand to align with my values as a human. A portion of each of my Elopement packages is donated to various charities that directly help and heal vulnerable Indigenous communities throughout Australia. This is my Koha to the Custodians of the land that I live and work on. A small token of my appreciation to the First Peoples that cared for this land for tens of thousands of years before any of us had the privilege to call this our home. Every print in the Print Store that was taken on Australian land will see 10% of the profits donated to these charities also.

My mission in doing this, is to help impact the lives and amplify the voices of our First Nations peoples that continue to feel the effects of colonisation in their every day lived experience.


This year I am donating to: The Healing Foundation

Pay the Rent

The Healing Foundation

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Your adventure’s just beginning. Let’s explore the unknown and experience its beauty, together.