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While I was on my “Chase the Northern Lights” tour of Scandinavia, the one place I was really itching to go was Abisko. Upon my previous research of the Northern Lights, I had read that Abisko was a popular destination because it is a location that has fairly “decent” weather – and when you actually start trying to “chase” the lights, you begin to realise just how appealing this becomes. A frustrating part of the chase, is the weather. You cannot guarantee a viewing of the Northern Lights, because the weather over there is just so unpredictable and can literally change within a moment. I’m glad I took this online advice, because the 3 days I was in Abisko was some of the clearest weather I had my entire trip!

The Abisko Turistation is quite literally in the middle of nowhere, and there isn’t a whole lot to do during the day if you don’t come equipped for cross country skiing or snow shoeing. But that’s not the point you are there. You are there for the evenings. Waiting for the illusive lights. And they certainly did come!

I was so exhausted by this time of my trip. I had been travelling Scandinavia for 5 weeks, staying up almost every single night to chase the Northern Lights, and there’s a common mental fight that you will face. To sleep? Or to wait up for this spectacular phenomena? Often, your brain will tell you sleep. But I promise, if you just stay diligent, and tell your brain to stop whingeing, it will all pay off. As it did the two nights I was in Abisko…..

Also featured below: One of the local “sled dog” guys, had a fresh litter of pups (well, they were about 8 weeks old). Unfortunately I was being respectful by hanging back to get some pictures of these cute fluff balls, as to not spook the pups or their parents. But I so desperately wanted to run over and squeeze the absolute life out of these beautiful little babes!!!

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