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Do you have an exciting opportunity for a travel photographer? Would you like to join me on my next adventure, wherever that may be: Samoa, Greenland, Alaska? I would love to hear from you!

I long to discover new adventures and untouched paths. While I often look forward to the next moment I am able to pack my bags, throw my camera around the neck and jet off on another foreign adventure – I also enjoy exploring my own backyard just as much. We’re so fortunate here in Australia, to have such a vast expanse of nature to explore! Please contact me for any enquiries regarding my Travel Photography


I have been in the industry, as a Professional Makeup Artist for 5 years, and have an extremely versatile makeup portfolio that spans over a variety of work, including bridal, beauty, spfx, runway, music video, film and avant garde.

Whether you want to enhance your natural features, or are chasing a full coverage, dramatic look for your wedding day/event/beauty shoot or portfolio – I will have you covered!

Now offering Makeup & Photography packages for those looking to add or build their modelling portfolio, or even for those just chasing a glamour session for themselves or that special someone! Please follow this link to my Makeup Page for any enquiries.


I spend my days looking forward to the next time I am able to pack my bags, chuck my camera around my neck and head off on the next adventure. Stay tuned for the next trip: Samoa, Greenland or Alaska?


If you would like to see more of my Beauty/Fashion work, or enquire about my Makeup Services, please follow the link to my Makeup Page!

Nikita Pere Makeup Artist


“As I peer out of the plane window, my gaze is met with giant peaks of white, enveloping the Winter land below and peeking out through the clouds that surround it. It is my first glimpse of what I presume is Vatnajökull – Europes largest glacier ice cap that covers 8% of Iceland (although it seems like much more). Immediately I am mesmerised by this magnificent landscape and for a moment it seems as though I can see the outline of the country in its entirety! As we continue with our descent, the white landscape is interrupted by black shorelines and giant black cliffs, creeping up out of the sea: they are Icelands Giants. The most calming arctic blue, crashes against the shore and washes back out to sea where it is met with another perfectly formed set. As I take in all of this magnificent scenery, it dawns on me… I am in ICELAND!!!


There is a reason that Utah is the number one tourist spot for adventurers! Whether you enjoy rock climbing, base jumping, scrambling, mountain bike riding, rappelling, camping, hiking or ANYTHING else outdoors, Utah will have you covered. And if you’re not in to those things, and just prefer taking photos, you should still chuck it on your bucket list. There are endless photo opportunities everywhere you look! We will definitely be heading back to explore more desert destinations in Utah!


Life is grand, when you have a bunch of creative friends with creative/fun ideas, and can just plan an entire day of playing makeups/styling and photo taking! Which was exactly the case with the gorgeous Kim Brindell from Anatomy of Flowers and the ever so talented all-rounder Jordan Cash

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Nikita Pere is a Brisbane based Makeup Artist who is enthusiastic, and quick to grasp new ideas and concepts. She completed her Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services with the Australian Academy of Makeup in 2010, and began her makeup career working for international makeup brand – MAC Cosmetics.

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