The illusive Northern Lights

Chasing the Aurora

Chasing the Aurora

I remember my first Aurora experience so vividly! We were staying in a small guesthouse just north of Jokulsarlon, Iceland. I had set my alarm for an 11pm wakeup so we could head back to lake and wait up for the lights – but I was awoken to the sound of guests scurrying about the guesthouse around 930pm. I didn’t need to ask what was going on, because it could only mean one thing: The Lights! We quickly got dressed and did a mad dash for the car, to head to Jokulsarlon (which was about 10min drive from where we were). As we made our way to the lake, we could see this faint green haze in the sky, barely noticeable. We still had a fair bit of a drive down to the lake, and something was screaming at me inside to pull over RIGHT NOW – so I told my boyfriend “WE NEED TO PULL OVER RIGHT NOW” to which he did, we pulled in to this tiny dirt rode just off the side of the road. We turned off the car, and made our way out of the comfortable 25 degree heated car, and out in to the -15 degree Winter. As soon as we closed the car doors, the sky literally EXPLODED above our heads. Bright green trails, snaking across the sky directly above us, as the lights made their way behind a mountain peak in the distance. It was beautiful. I dropped to my knees and started bawling like a baby – the emotions were so overwhelming! I desperately wanted to reach for my camera, but I couldn’t. I just sat on my knees and kept staring up to the sky, enjoying the moment for myself. Once I composed myself, I reached in to the back of the car for my camera gear and started snapping away. We did finally make it down to the lake – where it was crawling with photographers, most of whom were discussing how they’d “just missed the show” as they were in the car driving to the lake. It was at that moment, that I quietly thanked my intuition for screaming at me to pull over, so that my boyfriend and I could enjoy the private show by the side of the road all to ourselves.


July 20, 2015


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