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Nikita Pere is a professional makeup artist, a creative hobbyist, a constant dreamer and a constant wanderer… Read more about her story below

Igrew up in the Central Queensland town of Rockhampton. I remember thinking “as soon as I’m old enough to escape this place, I will!” – and I did. Now I think about all of the incredibly beautiful landscapes that I had at my back door, that I always took for granted. Great Keppel Island and Pumpkin Island – beautiful white beaches with crystal clear water, that were only a half hour boat ride from mainland. Some of the most beautiful and untouched snorkelling in those waters. The forest areas around Byfield National Park, home to some of my favourite swimming holes on the planet – Stoney Creek and Waterpark Creek. We used to head up there every weekend!

I got a reasonably late start to travel. I didn’t have my first overseas trip until I was 21, however, many of my childhood memories consist of camping trips with the family that I still cherish even if they were only half hour drives from our residence.

Whether you start early, or start late, there is no escaping that wretched “Travel Bug”. You will be hooked! And I, like many before me, was hooked from the moment I sat down in my 34G seat of my Hawaiin Airlines flights – on my way to spend my 21st in Las Vegas, and all on my own (well, I did a Contiki tour, so technically I wasn’t on my own)!

I remember my first glimpse of “foreign land” so vividly! We were descending over Pearl Harbor to land, and my eyes immediately began to well up with tears. I was so overwhelmed by not only the beauty of the Hawaii’n shoreline, but by the fact that I was experiencing International travel! While I love to travel with my partner and groups of friends, I really have to say that it just doesn’t compare to the feeling of travelling by yourself. I know it may be cliche to say “you learn so much about yourself”, but you really do. Travel gives you a form of self-growth, that you really can’t experience any other way. I hope to travel and experience so much that the world has to offer, and I hope you enjoy my documenting of it here.


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